Blink … by Malcom Gladwell

13 Oct

I have been recently reading the highly recommended book “Blink” by author Malcom Gladwell. The gut feeling … the number of times I have followed my gut and it turned out right, umpteen times I havent been able to explain the sixth-sense … and the many occassions on which I have gone against that feeling and it has turned out wrong!! all of it vindicated with that Kouros story.   The other side of the coin; this book made me think hard about the following that inner voice blindly … the 41-bullet-shooting 😦 oh boy!!!

Apart from the “gut feeling” above … two things that are mentioned in the book I completely understand and have experienced some time in my life are (one) the “slow motion” view of time that is mentioned along with the shooting incident and (two)  the “contempt” any relationship can be saved … but not one in which there is “contempt”.  I agree … and would add one more thing above contempt … wilful-disrespect.

Still … I expected more from the book and felt short changed!  Though the book provided some insights into how the split-second decision works … I am as lost as ever 😦

Ofcourse – go ahead and give it a read … borrow it from library.  Owning it is not compusory though.

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