Other Side of Justice … by Justice Sodhi

12 Nov

I have started reading this book and the contents are startling though not unexpected.  Some highlights that I found interesting.

  • Justice S beleives that he shifted out of Chandigarh High Court due to the side-effects of handling a case the then CM of a state v/s  his political opponents.   Here is a CM, who gets a case transferred from Bench#1 to Bench#2 via underhanded means, contests a transfer back to the original / rightful bench.  
  • A senior advocate who abuses a judge and his female relatives in open court.  He then tries to avoid the inevitable conempt of court proceedings by claiming the judge abused him!
  • A government employee who retired at the usual 58 years of age files a case against the government contesting his retirement and gets full salary and benefits till 67 years of age due to an interim order and the delays in justice.
  • Medical students who enrol in government medical colleges on transfer from non-recognised medical colleges via interim orders.  The delay in justice means that these students who could not get a seat via the entrance test could complete their MBBS by using the back door of interim judgements and delays in the judicial system.
  • Lawyers who use an occassion “references in court” meant to honour the judges to criticize the judges.  Further the lawyers go on a protracted strike when this honour is refused by the judges on grounds that the lawyers lose an opportunity to dis-honour the judges!
  • Temporary government staff hired for less than 90 days continue on the government rolls by misusing the judicial process / interim releif granted / delays for 2-3 years.
  • Lawyers first go on strike, then go to the house of the judges to get releif during the strike, and charge the clients extra for getting work done during the strike!!

The list goes on and on. 

Only one  negative comment on this book is that it the language needs to be further simplified for the layman reader.

Hopefully I will update this post once I complete reading this book.


All copyrights respected.

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