20 Nov

A few years ago I attended an interview for a company that wrote software for semiconductors (CAMs) to be specific.  That was the best interview I have attended and I came oh-so-close to joining them.  Why I liked the interview was –

1.  First and foremost treated me with respect.

2.  On my resume I had requested for an SMS after which I would call back.  This was to avoid receiving calls when the time was not good, for example during a meeting at work, or in the presence of a supervisor, etc.  The VP of the company (no less) was willing to follow this protocol.

3.  The interview process itself first involved a call from a senior person from US and he asked me to write a program to demonstrate logic.

4.  The personal interview was setup at my convenience (time wise).

5.  I had the pleasure of talking (i.e., interviewed by) to a few guys who would report into me if I joined 🙂

7.  The VP was clear that he wanted to be careful since a hiring mistake at a higher level would be catastrophic!  He was frank enough to share this with me.

For some reason they came so close to giving me the job then backed out.  The official reason was “they have put off hiring for a few quarters”.  Since I had grown to trust the gentlemen I was dealing with I tend to believe this reason.

Recently this company merged with a semiconductor giant … and it was a sense of loss all over again.

This is the way to interview and hire.


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