Rockstar … review

21 Nov

Watched “Rockstar” today by Ranbir Kapoor.  The second half is OK since it made me smile.  The first half is sooooooooo yaaaaawwwwwwnnnnn.  And the basic idea of looking for pain to achieve success is sooooo stupid!!!  However, post interval, where the hero understands the futility of wanting pain and expresses that he would give up everything he has fame, money, etc., to have a chance to live without the pain … this part feels real!

How I wish Priyanka Chopra would have played the part of the heroine … she would have brought sooo much meat into the role unlike …  Madhuri would have been still better 🙂

Not a must watch … but you wont come out of the movie hall irritated.  Did I mention that my mom actually came out of the movie hall very irritated!

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