DON’T READ Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat

10 Dec

This is the same rehashed story … grey human beings … some red thoughts … money … sleaze … love triangle … well suited for  a B-grade bollywood movie or for newbie readers, adolescents.

[Spoiler Alert]

The story is about Gopal, the boy who is intelligent but not a wizard and hence fails to crack the exams that are designed to eliminate everybody except a miniscule.  His problems are compounded by having only a poor sick father with court cases for a family and ofcourse a scheming uncle to complete the owes.  Father dies (donkey cries … sorry!) and Gopal is free of all accountability and opens an Engineering college (la grocery shop) after out-scheming his scheming-uncle with the help of an MLA.  Somewhere in between he finds the time to love the prettiest girl in school, lose her to his intelligent and entrance-exam-cracking best buddy Raghav, learn all the vices booze / smoke / drugs and the works … but NO girls!  Turn to adulthood our man has all the riches, an engineering college while the girl-friend-stealing-best-buddy is busy busting the big daddies of the city in a haze of red-journalism inspired by none less that Che Guevara.  The girl now comes back to Gopal.  However the good-man Gopal realizes that the red-journalist Raghav will do the country good by marrying the beautiful girl, especially since the marriage will lead to the son-in-law becoming the MLA; thanks to the girls lineage … and gives up the girl via a pseudo and staged orgy!!

I have some news Mr. Bhagat – no one will give up ones love for the sake of Vasudaiva Kutumbakam.  One’s life – maybe; one’s love  – never!

I wonder why the man-changing / sleeping-with-multiple-lovers girl is painted as a catch.  Do today’s youngsters really sleep around?  Even in small towns like Varanasi?

Grown-up adults please avoid!!!  DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME ON THIS TRASH.


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