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Favourite Shop Half Price Sale … :-( not all good :-( some cheating :-(

5 Feb

Have you visited Favourite Shop’s Half Price sale at commercial street Bangalore?  If yes you will know that – (a) the shop is extremely overcrowded during this period (b) refunds are not allowed and only limited exchanges are allowed; and the same is allowed only during the period of the sale (d) it is impossible to check for defects / size at the shop during the sale.

On the last Sunday (29-Jan-2012) of the sale I purchased some stuff at the shop – unfortunately after I checked the material at home I found (1) one dress material with a huge huge huge hole and (2) a bottom shop soiled (paan stains?).  I went to the shop with the complaint the next weekend – so the sale was over.  As per the rules of the shop exchange is not possible due to 2 reasons (a) no exchange for dress materials and (b) sale period being over.  However, since I am a regular customer at this shop I was reasonably confident of getting an exchange since the complaints were genuine.

Obviously I couldn’t visit the shop on a week day when the sale was on since I need to work – and I need the job to shop obviously. So, the next Sunday (04-Feb-2012) I went to the shop and showed the dress material  – the first reaction “Sorry, no exchange for dress materials.”  Well, I said … but the basic material is at fault how can u stock such material … then the second lie “All material is checked before billing” …. Hmmm I said dont tell me – I know how much checking happens … zero!  Then he whispered to his peer “… psst … ther was a damaged similar material… ” and took a similar looking (but very ugly colours) not from the display but from somewhere hidden inside a plastic cover.  And he said that the best he can do is replace the damaged material with the possibly-damaged-also-material.  And for the shop soiled stuff – tough luck!  The sales man was Mr.Asif (the name is longer) Then I spoke to the manager Mr. Ramesh – he had a new idea “since the dress material was a free piece out of buy 2 get 1 free (or was it buy 3 get 1 free) it doesn’t qualify for replacement!!!”

Since I had no luck, I  listened to a lot of nonsense from the staff, burnt some petrol, and finally I left the damaged material at the shop and brought back the soiled material – hoping that some dry-cleaning will work.

Has anybody else been / felt cheated by this shop – let me know.

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