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Kahaani – 5 stars

28 Apr

Watched the movie Kahaani today.  Stupendous 🙂 it has been a long time since I loved a movie any movie, esp. Hindi movie.  This is definitely better than 3 Idiots, etc.  Yes, Vidya Balan is the new Aamir Khan of Indian Cinema.  3 cheers to women power in bollywood.

The story is about a very pregnant Vidya Bagchi looking for her very missing husband Arnab Bagchi in Kolkatta.  Arnab who has left Vidya at London for a 2 week assignment in Kolkotta goes missing, missing and how.  There is no trace of the man anywhere, but the very trusting wife believes that he is in trouble and searches for him earnestly.  Has Arnab cheated and impregnated Vidya and left her?  Does he even exist? Will Vidya be able to find her husband?  Watch the movie to experience it all along with Bidya oops Vidya.

Also Mantri Mall Bangalore Insignia … very cool cinema hall.  5 stars as well.

If you understand Hindi – do not miss this movie.

Perry Mason #1: Case of the deadly toy

27 Apr

Nora Allison sees the coldness in the eyes of her fiancee when he slaps his young son, recognizes the man for what he is and calls of the wedding.  This is followed by receiving threats by mail and being roped by the ex-wife of her ex-fiancee in the custody battle of their son.  This bimbette is stupid enough to be framed in a murder case.  Enter the suave Perry Mason with his intelligent secretary Della Street and the dependable sleuth Paul Drake – the real culprits are caught in court, the police are made to look stupid and the client goes scot-free.

Read the book to find out how it all happens.

Tour of Perry Mason’s books

27 Apr

Perry Mason – one of my favorite characters.  I was introduced to him during my adolescence by my Father (yes, the man who has taught me everything – and continues to teach me every day).  Having briefly lived in Los Angeles I understand the locale and am old enough to remember an age without mobiles.  I plan to update this post with book reads as and when it happens.  Keep watching.

Perry Mason the smarty smart lawyer specializes in tricky cases where his client is usually an innocent bimbette but occasionally an innocent bumbler.  He outwits the police who are framing his innocent client at times skating on thin ice legally.  All this is with the help of his pretty secretary Della Street who loves the action.  Perry Mason is ably supported by Paul Drake the very efficient and effective detective.

1. Case of the Deadly Toy

Sachin Tendulkar will become a member of the Rajya Sabha

27 Apr

Sachin Tendulkar, the God of cricket is all set to become an MP, i.e., an appointed member of the RS.  I am not sure if this is a good move.  As per reports this is on behalf of Sonia Gandhi / Congress Party.  Will he alienate his followers who are supporters of the other political parties.  I wonder what is the reason for the decision; what does he gain by this.  Taking an open side very much against his public persona till recently.  Is this the man who declined many hundreds of crores of advertisement income in order to avoid alcoholic income!!!

Sachin – you owe it to us.  Tell us what made u do this?

What do you guys think about this decision?  Let me know.

Asteriod mining!

25 Apr

Planetary Resources is a venture which aims to mine valuable minerals from asteroids.  The plan has many steps.  The first is to launch small telescopes into orbit to survey near-Earth asteroids for useful substances, with volatiles like water, oxygen and nitrogen top of the list.  The second stage is to send out probes to tap these resources and place them into in-space supply depots. The third stage is the one which actually involves mining an asteroid.

Could all this be true?  Or is it science fiction.

All info is from .  Have a peek.

Minor car accident at Bangalore – cops dont care

22 Apr

Met with a minor car accident a few days ago in the morning on lalbagh road, approximately opposite MTR.  Early in the morning while we were proceeding towards lalbagh gate on lalbagh road a red car (KA01 MC3447) pulled out of the parking all of a sudden and hit our car denting both the left side doors.  The policeman who came to the site, Mr.H.Gangarudriah was very professional and advised us to go to the police station behind Nimhans.  He advised us that he will send the other party to the police station as well.

We went there and lodged a complaint with the kind police officer Mr. Chikke Gowda and left.  As per Mr. Chikke Gowda’s advice we returned to the police station after about 1 hour and spoke to another officer Mr. Basha, took an acknowledgement and returned home.  However, this acknowledgement will be useful to ONLY claim our insurance and NOT from the other party’s insurance.  (The first complaint / acknowledgement given by Mr. Chikke Gowda was torn up).

The other party never turned up at the police station!!!!

The police officers were polite and prompt. But what irritated me the most is the attitude of the police wherein they were unwilling and uninterested in pursuing the hit-and-run driver!  There is absolutely NO intention to punish the scoundrels!!!

The Litigators by John Grisham

22 Apr

Finished reading my nth John Grisham book in record time.  This is one of his best books.

Congrats to David Zinc (the protagonist) … he had the guts to run away from a sweat shop and branch out on his own AND the tenacity to succeed.  Anybody who holds a job will love this guy.

The story is about two loser lawyers who chance upon a cholesterol lowering drug which supposedly causes severe unexpected side-effects.  The lawyers dream about suing the bad-drug company with a long rap sheet of bad drugs and settlement in order to have a multimillion dollar settlement (read retirement).  David Zinc, our hero, walks out of his sweat-shop / high-profile law firm and walks into these two losers.

Do the loser lawyers manage to screw the drug company or do they get screwed themselves?  How does the lovable David succeed?  Read the book – it is worth the ride 🙂

Racial Profiling : Shah Rukh Khan detained at an US airport yet again

14 Apr

Shah Rukh Khan has been detained at an US airport yet again 😦  when he was on his way to deliver a lecture at Yale.  As per media reports it took two hours and intervention by the Indian Consulate and the dean of the Yale University to be allowed to enter the country.  It is a real shame that a man like him has to go through this – and as if once is not enough he has been through this multiple times.  I really shudder to think if a man who is extremely famous is not recognized then what about the normal mortals.  Remember, this recognition (rather lack of it) is not by a layman on the street (who can be forgiven if he doesn’t know an Indian star) but by the intelligence of one of the richest countries of the world.  The same country that espouses equality and spends serious money on intelligence gathering.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with targeted profiling in itself.  If somebody who looks like a South Asian, practices Islam terrorizes innocent people then profiling everybody who fits this racial pattern is a good practice and and it is a dollar well spent.  If 99% of terrorists fit a specific profile then the case for checking out others (Caucasians for example) is very weak.  In fact targeted profiling would mean that the citizens are safe and this includes the innocent population who fall into the profile.

What is not negotiable is innocent people getting harassed.  Double check of credentials, reasonable physical security checks that do not compromise the dignity of the person, some questioning to ascertain the genuineness of the traveler are acceptable.  But it should not take hours and should not victimize innocents.  For the trillions of dollars spent of intelligence and security, the system owes everybody some surety.  I wonder if the intelligence is sooo weak that a big and well known star like SRK gets into trouble then does the system catch the real / possible terrorist, may be named Shah Rukh Khan as well?


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Vaishali goes to school

14 Apr

Have you attended any interview?  How have you felt?  Tense? Scared?? Anxious??? Timid????  Not our Vaishali.

Vaishali is all decked up in her favorite pink frock and is accompanied by her parents to the very first interview of her life.  The school selected by her parents has called Vaishali for an interview to adjudge if she is capable of starting school at the ripe old age of three!  Most other children are terrified, nervous, anxious; but not our Vaishali.  She enters the room with a bright smile and a loud “Good Morning”!  The first thing she notices is the ice-creams stacked up with an intention of handing over one to every exiting interviewee.  Vaishali first demanded “ನನಗೆ ಮೊದಲು ಐಸ್-ಕ್ರೀಂ ಕೊಡಿ ಆಮೇಲೆ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಪ್ರಶ್ನೆಗಳಿಗೆ ಉತ್ತರ ಕೊಡ್ತೀನಿ ” (First give me ice-cream only then I will answer your questions).  Ofcourse, after this her interview was a mere formality and to the relief of her parents she secured admission in the school of their choice.



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I am not a music lover

14 Apr

There I have said it!  When I listen to music, which is a rare occasion in itself, it is for the lyrics than for the tune.  Maybe at times it is for having some human sounds when I am alone.  Very very seldom for the love of the notes.

Most people neither understand nor empathize with me wrt my love for music 😉  Hailing from South India with its rich tradition of classical Carnatic music this at times is a handicap.  The aficionados treat non-musicians like lesser mortals and are very clear in looking down at you which is a real put-off; especially when one is visiting one of those katcheri’s (concert) as an accomplice to a loved one who happens to be a music lover. I concede that it may be too much to ask for understanding in a katcheri; but then the treatment at social do’s when a few musicians are in attendance is pretty bad as well.

There are people who excel in various walks of life – there are very celebrated actors who don’t expect everyone to act; there are accomplished scientists who do not engage people at social gatherings to converse on their topic of expertise; there are successful policemen who do not enforce crime solving in conversations; the list can go on.  But the musicians are a different breed; everyone in their opinion is expected to appreciate music and fawn at musicians.  And God forbid if you aren’t even a listener then you do not deserve an invite to a non-musical event as well.  It is a surprise that they are willing to tolerate you breathing the same air as their exalted selves.

Have you ever experienced such a snub from musicians?  Let me know.

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