Tour of Chetan Bhagat’s books

1 Apr

I seem to be one of the many followers of Chetan Bhagat’s books and I think I have read all his books.   Though I would not describe myself as a fan (his writing needs more); I would like to call my self as an enjoyer of his works.  His books are an easy read and serve as a good stress buster.  Ideal for a journey or for a weekend that is followed by a week full of stress.

Five point someone:

A story about three students at IIT who do not succeed at IIT on IITs terms.  Getting into IIT definitely proves that they have brains; not getting out of IIT proves that they do not have the smarts ;-).  As the subtitle “What not to do at IIT” suggests, the protagonists do everything that is taboo at IIT.

Though this book is well written, it leaves a lot to be desired and the plot could have been better.  I read this book after watching the movie 3 Idiots and the movie is much better written than the book.  Though I concur with Mr.Bhagat that quite a bit of the movie is based on the book.

One night @ the call center:

A book about six friends / colleagues who work in a call center.  Working from India to suit US timings is one of the worst jobs that one could take up; it is sad if one is forced to take this kind job to put bread on the table; but it is really sorry if somebody takes this kind of work just for money.  The six protagonists work together, socialize together and have generally screwed-up lives (who doesn’t)  and when everything comes to a boil one night including a near death experience they come of age and resolve to work towards a rewarding future wherein rewards are counted not only in terms of money.

This is the best book by Chetan Bhagat in my opinion.  The events are plausible; though a little curious that so much happens during one night!!  The train journey though is a little forced and could have been avoided.

Three mistakes of my life:

The protagonist makes three big mistakes in his life.  Some how romance, hindu-muslim riots, cricket, australia, et al, are woven into a one story.  The author seems to have written a few opinions / short stories and decided to merge all of them into one novel.  Don’t read this one.

2 states of my marriage:

The lovers, IIM students who belong to Punjab and Tamilnadu try hard to convince their families about their choice of spouse and the ride is hilarious.  The behavior of the families seems true and this part may be autobiographical 😉 (my guess!!!).  However, the counselor could have been left out of the picture.  Some caricatures like a tradition TamBram girl eating chicken seems forced.  I wonder why the Punjabi guy has not been similarly bad mouthed!!

A very good read and if you or your loved-ones are in a north/south relationship then this is a must read

Revolution 2020:

This book is about two friends and a girl.  Both of them love the girl one is poor and the other is rich.  At the end of the story the poor guy is really rich and the rich guy is not exactly rich!  After various turns and twists the girl marries only on of the boys (Thank God for small mercies).

Don’t read this book.  If you are a die hard Bhagat fan – still don’t read it.


One general aspect I dislike  about Chetan Bhagat’s books is how sex is described as casual and all young Indian’s are described as wanton.  Pre-marital sex is depicted as a norm – even in small town India.  This in my opinion is not true.  Mr. Bhagat is this closer to your experiences in life??


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