Smart aleck Vishal at the movies

3 Apr

Vishal : 13 years

Vishal all of 13 years is enjoying the summer break from school.    Vishal along with his friends Samrat and Samarth make plans to see a movie.  All the three of them discuss this with their parents and obtain permission to view a movie at Favourite Cinema’s.  Vishal and Samrat live near Favourite Cinema’s and hence visit the theater for advance booking.  The counter has a long queue of movie buffs trying to buy tickets for the same movie.  Due to the rush the management of the theater allows only two tickets per person.  While standing in the queue they notice that there are a lot of people who are selling tickets in black.  Both these kids do the math, buy four tickets, one each for Vishal, Samrat and Samarth; the fourth to be sold in black.  They stand outside the theater and sell the ticket in black making money for pop-corn and soda.  Thus, Vishal’s first income is illegal and made on the footpath in front of Favourite Cinema’s.  Ofcourse, his parents are shocked and can’t imagine the possibilities of Vishal’s hyperactive mind.


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