Minor car accident at Bangalore – cops dont care

22 Apr

Met with a minor car accident a few days ago in the morning on lalbagh road, approximately opposite MTR.  Early in the morning while we were proceeding towards lalbagh gate on lalbagh road a red car (KA01 MC3447) pulled out of the parking all of a sudden and hit our car denting both the left side doors.  The policeman who came to the site, Mr.H.Gangarudriah was very professional and advised us to go to the police station behind Nimhans.  He advised us that he will send the other party to the police station as well.

We went there and lodged a complaint with the kind police officer Mr. Chikke Gowda and left.  As per Mr. Chikke Gowda’s advice we returned to the police station after about 1 hour and spoke to another officer Mr. Basha, took an acknowledgement and returned home.  However, this acknowledgement will be useful to ONLY claim our insurance and NOT from the other party’s insurance.  (The first complaint / acknowledgement given by Mr. Chikke Gowda was torn up).

The other party never turned up at the police station!!!!

The police officers were polite and prompt. But what irritated me the most is the attitude of the police wherein they were unwilling and uninterested in pursuing the hit-and-run driver!  There is absolutely NO intention to punish the scoundrels!!!


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