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I hate seat belts

7 May

A lot of people wear seat-belts only to avoid fines etc.  I am one of them.  Does a seat-belt enhance safety in case of a crash – may be.  Does it inconvenience me while driving – most definitely.

The seat belt for one eats into my neck making it very uncomfortable.  Secondly it crumples my well ironed clothes.  Is it impossible to design a seat belt which does help in case of a crash but can be adjusted such that it is slightly (say about an inch) away from the body.

Robert McNamara who is widely regarded as the father of seat belts has acknowledged that women don’t like seat belts because the design does not account for breasts.  How true.  (Quote from book Superfreakonomics)

In India there are a lot of cars that are designed for women – the main features include feminine colors like pink, vanity mirrors on the drivers side as well, etc.; in other words totally useless feminine features.  Why don’t they really consider the female anatomy and make small design changes to help lady drivers.  And don’t make these changes prohibitively expensive please.


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Plastic electronic circuit delivers CMOS functionality

2 May

A team in Cambridge has created a plastic electronic circuit with the architecture and functionality of a CMOS silicon chip.The printed circuit is believed to be the fastest-operating and lowest-power plastic logic oscillator created to date.

Very very interesting!!! Read more here.

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