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Nathan Myhrvold

21 Jun

Myhrvold, former chief technology officer at Micosoft and co-founder of IV (2000) with Edward Jung who is Microsoft’s former chief architect.  Myhrvold played a variety of roles at Microsoft – futurist, strategist, founder of Microsoft’s research lab and advisor to Bill Gates.  Bill Gates is known to have said “I don’t know anyone I would say is smarter thatn Nathan”.

Myhrvold graduated from high school (Seattle?) at fourteen and by the time he was twenty-three earned primarily at UCLA and Princeton a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, two master degrees in geophysics/space-physics and a PhD in mathematical physics.  He then went to Cambridge University to do quantum cosmology research with Stephen Hawking.

Myhrvold recalls watching the British science-fiction TV show Dr. Who when he was young: “The Doctor introduces himself to someone, who says, “Doctor? Are you some kind of scientist?”  And he says, “Sir, I am every kind of scientist”.  And I was like Yes! Yes! That is what I want to be; every kind of scientist.

Apart from his scientific interests he is an accomplished nature photographer, chef, mountain climber, and a collector or rare books, rocket engines, antique scientific instruments and dinosaur bones; he is the co-leader of a project that has dug up more T.rex skeletons than anyone else in the world.  In 1999 he appeared on the Forbes list of the four hundred richest Americans.

IV – Intelligent Ventures – an invention company.  IV is stocked with an elite assemblage of brainpower, scientists and puzzle-solvers of every variety.  They dream up processes and products and then file patent applications, more than five hundred a year.

Apart from being blessed with utmost intelligence, Nathan totally, in my opinion, embodies the essence of Bhagwat Gita –

Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana,

Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani

Translated in sprit it means –

“Concentrate on your work or duty (karma) without worrying about the fruits (phala) of the same.   Do not let the possible fruits of your duty get in the way of your performance. “

Since Nathan has performed his divine duty by working for the pleasure of work without worrying about the fruits of the same, he has the divine blessings in the form of wealth, success and happiness as well.

Nathan Myhrvold – I am your big time fan after reading about you.


90% of this blog is from SuperFreakonomics.  By Steven D. Levitt (Author), Stephen J. Dubner (Author).  All copyrights are respected.


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