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#GoHomeIndianMedia Trends on Twitter

4 May

Nepali’s most recently were fed up of the juvenile behavior of Indian media wherein they were asked banal questions like “How are you feeling?” to a person who has lost many things which may include his home, his savings, may be more … But then what more do your expect from the Indian media who were aptly (in my opinion) called #presstitutes by a honorable retired general and serving junior minister.

This reminds me of an interview I watched very long ago – I don’t remember which channel it was on. It was an interview with Sachin Tendulkar’s mother on Sachin breaking some record.

Journalist : Ma’am how are you feeling now considering that your son has broken this record.

Mrs. Tendulkar: You are only feeling sooo happy, so think how I must be feeling.

Journalist: Did you know that he will be come so big and break this record in his childhood itself.

Mrs. Tendulkar: You only tell me, what can one fathom in a child about what he will do as a man.

(Translation: bad and mine 😉 )

Original – from memory goes something like this –
Journalist : Ma’am bathayiye aap ko kaise lag raha hai ki aap ki bete ne itna bada record thod diya hai.
Mrs.Tendulkar: Aap hi bathaiye – aap ko hi itni kushi ho rahi hai to mujhe kaisa lag raha hoga.
Journalist:: Aap ko bachpan mein hi patha tha kya ke ye itne bada record kayam karenge.
Mrs.Tendulkar: Aap hi bathaiye na – bachpan mein kya patha chaltha hai.

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