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Proud to belong to the World’s Largest Democracy – INDIA

31 Jul


1. Sri Narendra Modi is our prime minister. Born to a backward community barely middle class parents, his father had a tea stall at a railway station and he himself sold tea on the platforms. Out of his own capabilities – he is now the Prime Minister of India. This is a slap on the presstitutes who refuse to see that caste system does not exist on the ground – it exists only in the hallowed TV studios.

2. Sri Abdul Kalam our former president and top sceintist. Born as one among many siblings in a poor family in Rameshwaram rose to the highest posts both scientifically and politically. It is sad that this man is not seen as the face of the aspirations of Indian Muslims; rather we are feteing the Owaisi’s.

3. Sri B.R.Ambedkar a scion of the backward classes was encouraged and mentored by a forward class teacher who even gave him his name. The success of this man is not only a win for India’s democracy but also for the caste system which is not as stringent as the shrill political voices would want us to believe. It is indeed a traversity that today Ambedkar is only remembered for coming up as from a backward community totally forgetting the seamless inter-working between higher and lower castes. Further the mentor Ambedkar is not given the due recognition only the pupil Ambedkar is recognized.

Ultimate proof : It’s a man’s world

24 Jul

If you want to swear at a woman you swear at her.  But if you want to swear at a man you need to swear at this female relatives.

Understanding and Misunderstanding

21 Jul

There are millions of articles in the web regarding understanding, misunderstanding and making others understand.  In my opinion understanding or misunderstanding also involves trusting the other party in the conversation.  If you think that the other party is offending you in some way or being inappropriate then – if you trust the person you will pause for a moment; give the other person benefit of doubt and possibly ask for a clarification.  Most likely it will be a play of words that is leading to the negative feeling and will be clarified in an instant taking the trust of both the parties higher.

However in cases wherein there is a trust deficit then instead of reflecting and asking for a clarification you will jump on the incorrect play of words and accuse the other person directly (or worst silently in your mind) and the future interactions between the two people will be with enhanced mistrust.

Let me quote one example for each of the following –

Trust : Once a close friend and colleague of mine was confiding in me that she will start coming to work early henceforth.  I retorted saying that – “I don’t think you can.”.  She reflected (with a grim face) for a while and asked “Why do you say that?”. To which I responded you have very late night calls and hence it will be difficult for you to wake up early.  She said yes – u r right.

Mistrust:  I was talking to my garbage lady and asking her how does she manage to handle the “stink” of her job.  She responded saying that she does not “drink”.  (In my native language inhaling a smell and drinking a liquid have a similar verb.).  Then I had to explain myself saying I was referring to the stink and why would it be any of my business to speculate about her drinking habits.

Hmmm … food for thought – don’t you think so?  Do you have similar examples.  Do tell me in the comments below.

News from Wimbeldon 2015

17 Jul

Mens Singles Winner : Novak Djokovic
Womens Singles Winner : Serena Williams
Mens Doubles Winners : Jean-Julien Rojer and Horia Tecău
Womens Doubles Winners : Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis
Mixed Doubles Winners : Leander Paes and Martina Hingis

In an unrelated incident Martina Hingis has been shortlisted for the Bharat Ratna – the highest civilian award in India.

31/200 can get you a medical seat

17 Jul

Recently there was an article in relation to the Vyapam scam wherein the daughter of senior staff of the Chief Minister’s office attempted 31/200 questions in a pre-med exam and surprise surprise got a set in a coveted medical college.  Read more here.

I have also seen similar things during my student days.  One of my senior Ms.A did not attend one exam since her grandmother passed away of that day.  The next exam she walked out after the mandatory 30 mins.  While 40/100 is the minimum required for passing; all the questions are of subjective type and it is impossible to even pen down answers worth 40 marks in 30 mins – even if you are a genius.  But Ms.A did pass this paper with 40+ marks.  There is not even an iota of doubt that the root cause of these marks did not lie in the answer sheets submitted.

This is always demeaning and deflating for a serious candidate; not to mention unfair.  Also, what kind of inept doctors/engineers do we produce with such a system.  This is not just immoral or unethical – it is outright illegal.  Think of all the people these kind of doctors / engineers will murder kill due to their shoddy work.

Are you dating a doctor?

16 Jul

Are you dating a doctor?  More specifically is it your first (or first few) date?  Keep these things in mind –

1. Do not forget to do your blood work before meeting your doctor BF.  He cannot start a conversation before looking into those beautiful numbers in front of him.
2. Ensure that your stomach is half full and you are well hydrated.  If you drink too much of water he will think you are diabetic.  If you drink too little he will think that you have kidney problems.  If you eat too much he will think that you have thyroid problems.  If you eat too little he will think you have some obscure disease.
3.  Do not share the medical history of your family, esp of your parents and grand-parents with him.  He will look for each of those symptoms in every move of yours and get you tested infinitely for all those diseases.
4.  Do not take him to visit a sick relative.  He will expect to see all the reports and medicines and hear a description of the symptoms.  You will be praying that he doesn’t ask for cash at the end of it.
5. Do not expect him to return your calls – he will be always busy.  Only when he is with you he will be on call advising one patient or the other.

Do you have any more tips?  Do let me know – leave a comment below.

73 students crash (fail) out of IIT Roorkee

12 Jul

The students along with their parents and families and neighbors and villages are sitting on a dharna in front of the institute gheraoing the dean and professors.  Raul scion of an illustrious political family sits on an hour long hunger strike demanding –
1. No student should be failed for the first three years of the course.
2. For all reserved seats the passing grade in the final year will be 3.5.
3. The passing grade for all non-reserved seats will be revised to 6.5 in order to keep the average GPA for passing at 5.0 and so that the quality and reputation of the institute is maintained.
4. The professors who have given these students less than 5.0 marks in any paper should give a public apology in writing for failing in thier jobs to teach these students.
5. Since the above 4 were not in operational for these years the students were not able to budget their time well and tried too hard to obtain 5.0.  Hence as a special exemption these students should honorably given a pass irrespective of their score.


The facts in this blog are virtual – except  the headline.

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Why Sushma Why?

1 Jul

Is Lalit Modi a fugitive?  Yes.  Again may be.  Who knows the difference between blue and light-blue notice?  Who understands how exactly interpol works.  But here is what I understand.  There are cases against Lalit Modi in India.  The cases may be real or they may be foisted.  Lalit Modi will not come to India – may be he fears for his life and again may be he fears being arrested.  I do not know all these details.

But Sushma why did you have to “help” Lalit Modi when you were the foreign minister of my beloved country?  Even if Lalit Modi were Mahatma Gandhi himself I would expect the MEA to do the needful; definitely I would not expect the foreign minister to get involved.  Did you even for a moment not consider the “Ceaser’s wife” principle?

So Sushma-avare – the question is why?


The image has a copyright of NDTV I presume.

Racism? Are we too touchy sometimes??

1 Jul

I am sure that this post is going to be politically incorrect.  Let me say at the outset that I respect everybody and nothing is meant to be derogatory here.

Once a new colleague joined to our team.  I went to talk to him and to welcome him.  He was obviously from Kerala and so I said “So u r a Mallu?” as a part of my conversation.  Afterwards another colleague pulled me aside and said that I should have not called him a “Mallu” since it is considered derogatory.  Ok – this I did not know.  So I went back the the first person and apologized.  I told him “I used the word Mallu just to imply that you are from Kerala.  I was not aware that this term is not considered respectful.  I am sorry.”.  He replied – “So what?  I am a Mallu!”.

The real question is are we too sensitive about racial sterotyping?  What if we call a person by an obvious connotation like black, mallu, paki, etc?  Is it essential that these words are derogatory?  Are we being too sensitive?

Ofcourse, whenever I am aware that a word is considered politically incorrect – I do not use it.  But still the question does not go away – as a culture are we too sensitive?

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