Why Sushma Why?

1 Jul

Is Lalit Modi a fugitive?  Yes.  Again may be.  Who knows the difference between blue and light-blue notice?  Who understands how exactly interpol works.  But here is what I understand.  There are cases against Lalit Modi in India.  The cases may be real or they may be foisted.  Lalit Modi will not come to India – may be he fears for his life and again may be he fears being arrested.  I do not know all these details.

But Sushma why did you have to “help” Lalit Modi when you were the foreign minister of my beloved country?  Even if Lalit Modi were Mahatma Gandhi himself I would expect the MEA to do the needful; definitely I would not expect the foreign minister to get involved.  Did you even for a moment not consider the “Ceaser’s wife” principle?

So Sushma-avare – the question is why?


The image has a copyright of NDTV I presume.


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