31/200 can get you a medical seat

17 Jul

Recently there was an article in relation to the Vyapam scam wherein the daughter of senior staff of the Chief Minister’s office attempted 31/200 questions in a pre-med exam and surprise surprise got a set in a coveted medical college.  Read more here.

I have also seen similar things during my student days.  One of my senior Ms.A did not attend one exam since her grandmother passed away of that day.  The next exam she walked out after the mandatory 30 mins.  While 40/100 is the minimum required for passing; all the questions are of subjective type and it is impossible to even pen down answers worth 40 marks in 30 mins – even if you are a genius.  But Ms.A did pass this paper with 40+ marks.  There is not even an iota of doubt that the root cause of these marks did not lie in the answer sheets submitted.

This is always demeaning and deflating for a serious candidate; not to mention unfair.  Also, what kind of inept doctors/engineers do we produce with such a system.  This is not just immoral or unethical – it is outright illegal.  Think of all the people these kind of doctors / engineers will murder kill due to their shoddy work.


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