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Happy Independence day : What independence should NOT mean.

15 Aug

1. Freedom to neglect one’s own children.  We need a child protection law just like US wherein errant parents should be brought to book and the children be given to better homes for a good bringup.
2. Freedom to restrict the curiosity of your child. Curiosity is precious – it is very difficult, rather impossible, to rekindle once lost.
3. Freedom to bite the hand that feeds, adults who don’t care for the hands that made them independent adults.
4. Freedom for polygamy/polyandry irrespective or relegious sanction.
5. Freedom to use loud instruments at odd hours.  Mosques use it inspite of court orders against it.

The captured terrorist from Pakistan should be sent back to Pakistan without any trial because …

6 Aug

1. Because he claims to be a juvenile (it is possible to prove age via medical means does not matter).
2. It will be good for India-Pak relations.
3. He is mentally unsound – otherwise why would he have been caught in the first place.
4. He is only a pawn in the bigger picture.  Not much is achieved by hanging the small fish.
5. By hanging him for waging war against the nation we are not being secular.
6. There is not enough evidence to prove that he killed – the people who died due to his attacks are unable to appear in court and recognize him.
7.  One of the wounded survivors was confused and couldn’t recognize him once; when the survivor was heavily sedated by pain killers.
8.  He is a POW; isn’t LeT etc waging war against India?  We are bound by the Vienna convention.
9.  Think of the money all of us can make if he features in a movie (preferably by Mahesh Bhatt – please sir, humor us) based on a few facts of his life and many sympathetic facts of fiction.
10. Barkha Dutt can get a Nobel Peace Prize by shrill preaching for this loveable bloke on NDTV.  This will really do India proud – come think of it.  Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t get a Nobel for Peace.

Let us play cricket with Pakistan instead.



The contents of this post is meant to be satire and is indeed virtual reality.  You already knew that – didn’t you?

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