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RIP Kalburgi

1 Sep

It is sad that MM Kalburgi is dead.  It is shocking that he was killed.  It is absolutely shocking about how he was actually shot.  My condolences go out to the bereaved family.  Hope God gives them the strength to cope with the loss.

Also, I hope the perpetrators will be caught and punished swiftly.  These guys must be the real brains & brawns behind the act and not some stooges.

It feels very sad to say “but” in such a tragic context.  But there is a huuuge BUT.  Why do people like Kalburgi feel the need to espouse theories that are deeply hurtful to the majority Hindus of this country.  Is it really freedom of speech to talk about urinating on Hindu Idols?  Doesn’t your freedom end where my nose begins??

To repeat a well rehashed arguement – will these people dare to make similar statements against the Quran, or even the Bible?  These are people after their 15 seconds of fame talking against the soft people who are Hindu’s.  Occasionally one such killing happens (make no mistake every Hindu hangs his head in shame); unfortunately it is human nature that an aggressive fringe is always a part of any social setup including religion.

After Charlie Hebdo attach the paper decided to stop publishing anti islam caricatures … does it require similar voilence in India to stop these idiots like Kalburgi to be more measured in their beliefs.  Somebody teach these people that tolerance should mean tolerance practiced by self – not misusing the tolerance of others.

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