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Tippu Sultan Jayanthi – Was it required Mr.Siddaramiah.

11 Nov

Dear CM Siddaramiah,

Why exactly did you choose to celebrate Tippu Jayanthi?  And why on Deepavali day??  Did you intend it to be a snub to Hindus?  Did you intend it to be on a holiday wherein maximum people will have time for mischief?  Or did you think that the trouble will be contained considering Hindus will be busy celebrating the festival and they will be too lazy to protest?

Whatever your opinion of Tippu may be, whatever the psec textbooks may teach one thing that is clear that Tippu doesn’t have a clean reputation.  There are people who (may be rightly) think of him as a heroic fighter against the British; again there are an equal number of people who (again may be rightly) think of him as a butcher who converted people to Islam on the edge of the sword. Why did you want to associate yourself and the name of the great state of Karnataka with this controversial character?

What did you desire to achieve?  Consolidate the Muslim vote behind Congress?  Aren’t they already voting for you since they do not see any alternative?  Push the Hindu vote towards BJP?  Most Hindu’s are slowly feeling that there is no option but vote for the BJP if they want to survive on this planet.  Any body who had doubts and was veering towards you will also be pushed towards BJP with your actions – surely your loss?

What you have achieved is clear.  You have sown poisonous seeds for ever.  Now the next year there has to be a Tipu Jayanthi – better still if it co-incides with Deepavali.  Muslim organizations have to participate and celebrate the same.  Hindu organizations have to oppose it.  And all peace loving people have to put up with the non-sense.  This poison you have let loose will be around to kill people for a long time to come.  Kuttappa is only the first one in the unfortunate chain you have let loose.  RIP Kuttappa 😦

Finally where are the award-wapsi crowd – hello – there is a death here.  One community has killed a person of another.  Your hearts bled after Dadri – no more blood/tears left for a Hindu death?  And #pressititutes – Dadri hit the headlines for many many days – what happened to Kuttappa; and what about Prashanth Poojari?


An aside : The old Mysore area was under Muslim rule only for a very small period of time, ie the father-son HyderAli-TippuSultan rule.  All the muslims (not a small number mind you) are people who have converted in that small period.  How is it possible to convert so many people without blood shed.

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