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Awards returned by eminent (?) Indians to protest against the Government

30 Oct

A lot of very eminent (?) people including historians, filmmakers, scientists are returning their awards in order to oppose the current PM, his government, random crimes in the country, RSS – not necessarily in that order.  Everybody is entitled to have their point-of-view and has a democratic right to protest in whatever mode they choose to protest – as long as it is legal.  So, I do not want to quarrel with their respective right to “think” or act in a particular way as long as it is “legal”.

Thinking aloud – how does one return an award?

  • Do you go to the govt treasury and deposit the money that came with the award and then display the receipt to the press?  If yes, then do you include the interest to date along with the base amount?  Will you frame this receipt and hang it in place of the erstwhile plaque.
  • What about the plaque?  Does the government have a window where you can “return” your plaque and get a receipt?
  • What about all the biographies, publications and other places where you had mentioned something like “padma … awardee”.  Will you issue a retraction at all possible places? Will you now replace the words with “padma … returnee” going forward?

Ahhhhhh devil …. why didn’t I think of the details before going to scream in front of Arnab Goswami and Barkha Dutt?

#GoHomeIndianMedia Trends on Twitter

4 May

Nepali’s most recently were fed up of the juvenile behavior of Indian media wherein they were asked banal questions like “How are you feeling?” to a person who has lost many things which may include his home, his savings, may be more … But then what more do your expect from the Indian media who were aptly (in my opinion) called #presstitutes by a honorable retired general and serving junior minister.

This reminds me of an interview I watched very long ago – I don’t remember which channel it was on. It was an interview with Sachin Tendulkar’s mother on Sachin breaking some record.

Journalist : Ma’am how are you feeling now considering that your son has broken this record.

Mrs. Tendulkar: You are only feeling sooo happy, so think how I must be feeling.

Journalist: Did you know that he will be come so big and break this record in his childhood itself.

Mrs. Tendulkar: You only tell me, what can one fathom in a child about what he will do as a man.

(Translation: bad and mine 😉 )

Original – from memory goes something like this –
Journalist : Ma’am bathayiye aap ko kaise lag raha hai ki aap ki bete ne itna bada record thod diya hai.
Mrs.Tendulkar: Aap hi bathaiye – aap ko hi itni kushi ho rahi hai to mujhe kaisa lag raha hoga.
Journalist:: Aap ko bachpan mein hi patha tha kya ke ye itne bada record kayam karenge.
Mrs.Tendulkar: Aap hi bathaiye na – bachpan mein kya patha chaltha hai.

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