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The Associate by John Grisham

21 Aug

There are companies at war; war in the courtroom that is.  The deep pockets hire the best lawyers and spies.  Industrial espionage by siphoning information from where ever possible is the motto.

One of the methods is to screen all the people working at the opponents law firm and find somebody who has a past that is best kept a secret.  Enter blackmail and get information by threatening to go public with the shaming details of the victims past deeds.

Kyle McAvoy, the brilliant Yale Law Student, is forced to accept a position in a prestigious law firm by his blackmailers who know what he did as a callow youth in the distant past.  The objective is to steal information from the firm and provide it to his “handler”.  Kyle knows that stealing of confidential and privileged information is only the beginning and such acts set him up for getting debarred and sacked but also for further blackmail.  He know he is staring at a horrible future as an asset wherein he is damned if he does and damned if he doesnt.  Does Kyle manage to hold onto his profession, ethics, marbles?  Does he get sucked in by the blackmailers or does he manage to beat them at their own game?  Read the book for the twists and turns.  However the ending is lame 😦 but the journey is worthwhile.  Good paperback read o a lazy weekend or during travel.  Recommended.

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