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I am not a music lover

14 Apr

There I have said it!  When I listen to music, which is a rare occasion in itself, it is for the lyrics than for the tune.  Maybe at times it is for having some human sounds when I am alone.  Very very seldom for the love of the notes.

Most people neither understand nor empathize with me wrt my love for music 😉  Hailing from South India with its rich tradition of classical Carnatic music this at times is a handicap.  The aficionados treat non-musicians like lesser mortals and are very clear in looking down at you which is a real put-off; especially when one is visiting one of those katcheri’s (concert) as an accomplice to a loved one who happens to be a music lover. I concede that it may be too much to ask for understanding in a katcheri; but then the treatment at social do’s when a few musicians are in attendance is pretty bad as well.

There are people who excel in various walks of life – there are very celebrated actors who don’t expect everyone to act; there are accomplished scientists who do not engage people at social gatherings to converse on their topic of expertise; there are successful policemen who do not enforce crime solving in conversations; the list can go on.  But the musicians are a different breed; everyone in their opinion is expected to appreciate music and fawn at musicians.  And God forbid if you aren’t even a listener then you do not deserve an invite to a non-musical event as well.  It is a surprise that they are willing to tolerate you breathing the same air as their exalted selves.

Have you ever experienced such a snub from musicians?  Let me know.

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