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Rant about Kejriwal’s Odd Even Success

17 Jan

Delhi CM Kejriwal has imposed the odd even scheme on Delhi and has declared it as a success.  Does not matter that the said objective of reducing pollution is not conclusive.  Also, the premise of the scheme being the wrong medicine based on an IIT study is ignored.  The side effects of reduced traffic congestion is being applauded.  One of the major reasons for chest thumping is the “at-least doing something” argument.  So, every day in winter I propose to boil a small bowl of water.  This is small contribution to reducing pollution.  Remember increasing overall temperature would be a way to reduce pollution as per science.  So now, can you vote me as the next CM please for “at-least doing something please”.  I could definitely use the 400% hike in salary.

One thought that an IIT alumni would have a scientific temper – but then politics has this effect of leveling everybody to the lowest common denominator.

Kejriwal is the proof of “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Asteriod mining!

25 Apr

Planetary Resources is a venture which aims to mine valuable minerals from asteroids.  The plan has many steps.  The first is to launch small telescopes into orbit to survey near-Earth asteroids for useful substances, with volatiles like water, oxygen and nitrogen top of the list.  The second stage is to send out probes to tap these resources and place them into in-space supply depots. The third stage is the one which actually involves mining an asteroid.

Could all this be true?  Or is it science fiction.

All info is from .  Have a peek.

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