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Tanisha on Bigg Boss 7 – is she a snob?

25 Oct

Tanisha Mukherjee is coming across as a big snob on Bigg Boss 7.  I wonder why she is trying to live her life on national TV.  Does her family refuse to fund her lifestyle?  If yes, then may be they should reconsider their decision since she is coming across as a big snob.  She talks about “class” of people all the time.  She needs to understand that coming from a privileged background she cannot be politically correct AND use the word “class” …

Also her action of falling over Kushal had her tagged as a “club girl” … and her rich upbringing is obvious in the sense that she is finding it difficult to do her own work without her maids.

So Tanisha this show is for people who need money.  Not for people who have all the money plus a well known family.  All the others like Tanisha learn from her and come on this show at your own peril.


OK so now I am admitted to watching this TV program – all the snobs (reading is better than TV types) – bring on the brick bats 😉

Update: 2nd Dec.  Tanisha and Armaan caught in a compromising position!  There are many links if you search for it.  And now Tanisha says about PDA of Gauhar and Kushal “Sau rupai ka dvd kareedlena” … meaning the stuff can be seen on a cheap dvd!!!  PDA of any kind on a family show is gross but there are different shades of grey and hugging and kissing is a much lighter shade than being “caught naked”!!!  What say folks?

The Devil Wears Prada

15 Aug

This book has been written in a very readable style.  But I wonder why this made it to the best sellers list for such a long time.  [spoiler alert] It is a book about a girl taking up a job with a hope that this job will be the key to future success.  The job doesn’t turn out to be what she expected – rather it turns out to be a lot of things that rob her of her life and outright demeaning at times.  She finally gathers the courage to quit – without actually having another job.

This may be every employees dream – quitting on the boss after showing the middle finger; however it is not a good action for anybody.  Having source of income is very important as long as one has a hollow called stomach …

Good fairy tale though …………

I am not a music lover

14 Apr

There I have said it!  When I listen to music, which is a rare occasion in itself, it is for the lyrics than for the tune.  Maybe at times it is for having some human sounds when I am alone.  Very very seldom for the love of the notes.

Most people neither understand nor empathize with me wrt my love for music 😉  Hailing from South India with its rich tradition of classical Carnatic music this at times is a handicap.  The aficionados treat non-musicians like lesser mortals and are very clear in looking down at you which is a real put-off; especially when one is visiting one of those katcheri’s (concert) as an accomplice to a loved one who happens to be a music lover. I concede that it may be too much to ask for understanding in a katcheri; but then the treatment at social do’s when a few musicians are in attendance is pretty bad as well.

There are people who excel in various walks of life – there are very celebrated actors who don’t expect everyone to act; there are accomplished scientists who do not engage people at social gatherings to converse on their topic of expertise; there are successful policemen who do not enforce crime solving in conversations; the list can go on.  But the musicians are a different breed; everyone in their opinion is expected to appreciate music and fawn at musicians.  And God forbid if you aren’t even a listener then you do not deserve an invite to a non-musical event as well.  It is a surprise that they are willing to tolerate you breathing the same air as their exalted selves.

Have you ever experienced such a snub from musicians?  Let me know.

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