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Happy Independence day : What independence should NOT mean.

15 Aug

1. Freedom to neglect one’s own children.  We need a child protection law just like US wherein errant parents should be brought to book and the children be given to better homes for a good bringup.
2. Freedom to restrict the curiosity of your child. Curiosity is precious – it is very difficult, rather impossible, to rekindle once lost.
3. Freedom to bite the hand that feeds, adults who don’t care for the hands that made them independent adults.
4. Freedom for polygamy/polyandry irrespective or relegious sanction.
5. Freedom to use loud instruments at odd hours.  Mosques use it inspite of court orders against it.

The captured terrorist from Pakistan should be sent back to Pakistan without any trial because …

6 Aug

1. Because he claims to be a juvenile (it is possible to prove age via medical means does not matter).
2. It will be good for India-Pak relations.
3. He is mentally unsound – otherwise why would he have been caught in the first place.
4. He is only a pawn in the bigger picture.  Not much is achieved by hanging the small fish.
5. By hanging him for waging war against the nation we are not being secular.
6. There is not enough evidence to prove that he killed – the people who died due to his attacks are unable to appear in court and recognize him.
7.  One of the wounded survivors was confused and couldn’t recognize him once; when the survivor was heavily sedated by pain killers.
8.  He is a POW; isn’t LeT etc waging war against India?  We are bound by the Vienna convention.
9.  Think of the money all of us can make if he features in a movie (preferably by Mahesh Bhatt – please sir, humor us) based on a few facts of his life and many sympathetic facts of fiction.
10. Barkha Dutt can get a Nobel Peace Prize by shrill preaching for this loveable bloke on NDTV.  This will really do India proud – come think of it.  Even Mahatma Gandhi couldn’t get a Nobel for Peace.

Let us play cricket with Pakistan instead.



The contents of this post is meant to be satire and is indeed virtual reality.  You already knew that – didn’t you?

Proud to belong to the World’s Largest Democracy – INDIA

31 Jul


1. Sri Narendra Modi is our prime minister. Born to a backward community barely middle class parents, his father had a tea stall at a railway station and he himself sold tea on the platforms. Out of his own capabilities – he is now the Prime Minister of India. This is a slap on the presstitutes who refuse to see that caste system does not exist on the ground – it exists only in the hallowed TV studios.

2. Sri Abdul Kalam our former president and top sceintist. Born as one among many siblings in a poor family in Rameshwaram rose to the highest posts both scientifically and politically. It is sad that this man is not seen as the face of the aspirations of Indian Muslims; rather we are feteing the Owaisi’s.

3. Sri B.R.Ambedkar a scion of the backward classes was encouraged and mentored by a forward class teacher who even gave him his name. The success of this man is not only a win for India’s democracy but also for the caste system which is not as stringent as the shrill political voices would want us to believe. It is indeed a traversity that today Ambedkar is only remembered for coming up as from a backward community totally forgetting the seamless inter-working between higher and lower castes. Further the mentor Ambedkar is not given the due recognition only the pupil Ambedkar is recognized.

Sachin Tendulkar Retires …

17 Nov


Yesterday, Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket Retired. He saluted the pitch which provided him with almost everything, most importantly money / food / fame, for the past 24 years.  Now he has the well earned luxury of doing whatever he wants to do, watch-the-paint-dry, watch-his-children-grow, cook, commentate, whateverelse.

But for the rest of us who are the same age the question is will we ever be able to afford retirement.  Even the so called well paid “techies” or “software engineers” – can we ever retire?  Or will we be the followers of the poster boy of working for ever Amitabh Bachchan?  Even if we are willing to work will we have the jobs considering there is a rising number of senior (i.e., age 40+) engineers being forced into retirement.  They do not get jobs may be because their skills are now outdated and the employer is unwilling to invest in retraining them; may be they have become set in their ways and need mentoring to break the mould; may be they are willing to take lower-lever or lesser-paying positions but none are being offered to them … These are the ones who have nobody to champion their cause – no trade unions, no politicians, nobody!


There is also the insecurity of the savings corpus being insufficient considering the ever rising inflation, longevity and health care costs.  This is the curse of India’s GenX.

Thank You for the Memories Sachin

15 Nov


Hi Sachin,

Today when you walked off the field for the last time, taking a bow all round the stadium did you have tears in your eyes?  I sure had in mine.  Being a person of the same age I have followed your career since childhood.  In the early childhood years it was the pride of somebody my age playing with the big guys 🙂 cocking a snoot at the elders in some sense.  In the later teens and early twenties your success was about looking up to you; about what a person of my age could achieve with hard work.  In mid life it is about  awe, about saluting the colossal achievements, about recognizing that such success is not for everybody but for a chosen few one.  Today as you retire it is looking up to one who has fulfilled his calling, made his money, secured his future and SUCCEEDED – something very few of us have achieved at your age.

You are an extremely talented, successful and talented cricketer.  You have given us a lot of pleasure, memories to cherish, bragging rights “I watched it”, “I am his contemporary”.  But the most important aspect about you that stands out is your humility, how your presence commands respect, how the enormous success sits lightly on your shoulders.  If there is anything I would like to attempt is to copy being humble – as you are.

Thanks Sachin, for everything.  All good things, including a Sachin Tendulkar career, has to come to an end.  But then the memories will live for ever.

– A ardent fan.

STEM courses – keep away

9 Aug

STEM fields or STEM education is an acronym for the fields of study in the categories of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the United States. 

There is a clamor from the industry and the politicians to encourage students to take STEM courses; especially there is a huge movement to have more women doing these courses.  I am an engineering graduate myself working for software development in the telecom industry for a long time now (15+ years).  Take my advise and keep away from these courses and these careers unless you are a die hard geek.  Plenty of reasons –

1.  Atleast in India as soon as an youngster graduates approximately at 21, he lands a job with a handsome salary.  The youngster and his parents and everybody else thinks that he has “arrived”.  Mark my words for 90% of the people this is the only success you will taste.  The work is mostly slavery; the first few years will have some increment/promotions.  But by 30 you will be burned out and by 40 you will be aged out and by 50 if you still have a job you will be considered lucky.

2.  There is nothing like training.  You are expected to keep current in your field in your time and in your expense.  If you fall behind for any reason like becoming a parent then you are out.

3.  The industry is extremely ageist – if you are old then nobody wants to hire you.  You may be willing to do a job that somebody 10 years younger is capable of doing ofcourse for similar salary – but no employer will be willing to consider you.

4.  If you change jobs you are a job hopper so no good; if you stay at the same company for long then you are unable to find employment elsewhere hence you are no good.

5. If you work long (really long) hours and get your deliverable done with good quality then you may get some lip-service and peanuts as hikes.  But you will surely get a lot of back stabbing, jealousy, etc.

6.  If you are a woman and if you compete equally with men then you are a shrew; if you are nice then you are incapable.  Either way you cannot succeed.

7.  Do you see the success stories around you – well they make up <5% of the top guys.  The probability is 0.95 that you will not be like them.  The average ones are the ones who keep the cogs moving for nothing.

8.  Once you are 30 you will realize that everybody doctors, accountants, everybody makes more money than you.  Business men make exponentially more money.

9.  Networking is more important than competence.  Your success depends on how well you can run your mouth and not on how well you can perform at work.  People who let their work talk rather than talk about their work fail!

10.  The employers after extracting long hours, work during vacations, every possible pound of flesh do not think twice about canning teams / products / projects (not performance based).  There is no reward for hard work / loyalty.  And once you do not have a job it is doubly difficult to get a job.

I can go on but let me stop at 10.

What do you say – let me know.

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