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Heroine … movie review

8 Oct

Heroine is touted to be Kareena’s best work.  Maybe, maybe not.  However, it surely is no where near the class of her contemporaries like Priyanka (Fashion) or Vidya (Kahaani).

It is the story of a heroine who fails, who is destined to fail irrespective of whatever options she chooses.  If she chooses acting then the moment goes to glamour, if she chooses to trust then she gets cheated and vice versa.  There are critics who comment that Kareena looks pretty … yes for the girl next door.  But except for her peaches and cream compexion there is not much going for her – ok but let me concede the figure as well.  But her pout, her cheeks, ouch! they are ad for why not to do plastic surgery.

If you are not a Kareena fan then don’t watch.  If you are a Kareena fan then don’t watch.

Aishwarya will be thanking her stars for getting out of such a horrible movie.

Kahaani – 5 stars

28 Apr

Watched the movie Kahaani today.  Stupendous 🙂 it has been a long time since I loved a movie any movie, esp. Hindi movie.  This is definitely better than 3 Idiots, etc.  Yes, Vidya Balan is the new Aamir Khan of Indian Cinema.  3 cheers to women power in bollywood.

The story is about a very pregnant Vidya Bagchi looking for her very missing husband Arnab Bagchi in Kolkatta.  Arnab who has left Vidya at London for a 2 week assignment in Kolkotta goes missing, missing and how.  There is no trace of the man anywhere, but the very trusting wife believes that he is in trouble and searches for him earnestly.  Has Arnab cheated and impregnated Vidya and left her?  Does he even exist? Will Vidya be able to find her husband?  Watch the movie to experience it all along with Bidya oops Vidya.

Also Mantri Mall Bangalore Insignia … very cool cinema hall.  5 stars as well.

If you understand Hindi – do not miss this movie.

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