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9 Nov

As my regular readers already know I work in software.  Just thought of sharing a long ago experience.

One of my testers had filed a bug with very little information.  Obviously something had misbehaved; but there was no way of either reproducing it (the steps were not noted) nor tracing the logic (i.e., no traces stored).  So I told the tester that if you do monkey testing then it will be very difficult for me to provide a suitable explanation or fix.  I need some inputs apart from “I saw something”.  Next day I get called into my bosses office asking for an explanation of why I called a colleague a “monkey”.  After explanation the issue was resolved.

So, what is monkey testing?  It is usually used to test GUI’s where in there is a software that will enter random data in text boxes and click random links/buttons.  Every input, character type or mouse click, is logged into a file.  When any bug is found the same is logged along with the log-file.  The developer then looks into the log, finds the root cause of the problem, and provides a fix.

It turns out that my colleague and my boss were not familiar with the term and hence I had to provide a red-faced explanation!!  A classic misunderstanding if there was one.

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