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Free work!

2 Dec

I was asked by a certain interviewer to write a “tool”.  This exercise was to check my coding/design skills as an interviewee.  This is par for the course for senior programming jobs.  But the shocker came when the interviewer said “in our day to day work, we use many such tools that are written by interviewees; what I mean to say is that I need a production quality tool”.  Duh!  Is it even legal?  What about morals?  ethics??  Needless to say that my interest in the job nosedived with that statement and I decided that it is not my cup of tea to work for such a team.

Would you do this if you are the interviewer?  What about if you are the interviewee?  Let me know – leave a comment below.

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I am currently looking for a change of employment and have many war stories.  This is one of them.

What if I am shy of social media?

1 Dec

I wonder many times if something is wrong with me?  I do not have a facebook account.  My name gets only a few hits on google search.  My digital footprint is extremely small; I know some newborns who have a bigger social media presence than me.  The point is that I am not infinitely curious about knowing what is happening in everybody else’s lives.  I am not interested in sharing every minutiae of my life with the most distant acquaintance.  I am happy with my life thank you. 

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