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Heroine … movie review

8 Oct

Heroine is touted to be Kareena’s best work.  Maybe, maybe not.  However, it surely is no where near the class of her contemporaries like Priyanka (Fashion) or Vidya (Kahaani).

It is the story of a heroine who fails, who is destined to fail irrespective of whatever options she chooses.  If she chooses acting then the moment goes to glamour, if she chooses to trust then she gets cheated and vice versa.  There are critics who comment that Kareena looks pretty … yes for the girl next door.  But except for her peaches and cream compexion there is not much going for her – ok but let me concede the figure as well.  But her pout, her cheeks, ouch! they are ad for why not to do plastic surgery.

If you are not a Kareena fan then don’t watch.  If you are a Kareena fan then don’t watch.

Aishwarya will be thanking her stars for getting out of such a horrible movie.

Too Big to Fail … by Andrew Ross Sorkin

8 Oct

Too big to fail is a inside take on the wall street crisis of 2008.  It is about alpha male egos gambling with super high stakes consisting of somebody else’s money and finally being rescue again by taxpayers money.  This book was a little difficult for me to read since I am not familiar with the world of finance, and the plethora of names made it still difficult.  However, for somebody who is reasonable acquainted with wall street this will be a racy read.

The book starts with Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan prophetically announcing ” We need to prepare right now for Lehman Brothers filing.  And for Merrill Lynch filing.  And for AIG filing.  And for Morgan Stanley filing.  And potentially Goldman Sachs filing”.  The financial crisis is some hollywoodian alien which is devouring the financial institutions one link at a time.

Further the book clearly points fingers towards the Fed “… it cannot be denied that the federal officials – includig Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner – contributed to the market turmoil through a series of inconsistent decisions.  They offered a safety net to Bear Stearns and backstopped Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but allowed Lehman to fall into Chapter 11, only to rescue AIG soon after….”.
Dick Fuld initially appears as an arrogant *(^$*&^$ initially, strutting in hubris in the face of imminent problems, declining the Korean deal when (definitely in hindsight … pretty clearly in foresight as well) it seems to be the only way out.  But then when Lehman is the only firm to fail rather allowed (or forced?) to fail he seems like a victim!

The summary by Buffet is very apt – “… its a little bit like Cinderella at the ball.  People may have some feeling that midnight it’s going to turn to pumpkin and mice, but it’s so darn much fun, you now, when the wine is flowing and the guys get better looking all the time and the music sounds better and you think you’ll leave at fine of twelve and all of a sudden you look up and you see there are no clocks on the wall and – bingo, you know?  It does turn to pumpkins and mice.  It’s hard to blame the band.  It’s hard to blame the guy you’re dancing with.  There’s plenty of blame to go around.  There’s no villain.”

A good book – must read.


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Is there something like being too honest?

6 Oct

Just now my mother accused me of being too honest for my own good; reminding me of the vedic advice “satyam vada priyam vada ma vada satyam appriyam” which loosely translates to “speak the truth, speak plesantly do not speak unpleasant truth”.  Is there no value for honesty in the world?

Junk WordPress

6 Oct

… typed in a few hundred words in the “New Post” tab and lost it when my browser inexplicable hung on hitting the “publish” button… no draft saved … no nothing.  Is somebody looking into this!!!!!!  This is very irritating.  humph.

Priority Chevrolet Dealership in Chesapeake

5 Oct

Priority Chevrolet Dealership in Chesapeake, Virginia made a mistake when they sold Danny Sawyer a new Chevrolet Traverse for $5,600 less than the asking price. So what did they do when they realized this mistake? They had Mr. Sawyer arrested for theft. After spending 4 hours in lockup and getting released on bond, Sawyer did the next logical thing: he sued the dealership for 2.2 million dollars …

ROFL … not sure if this really true … read more on yahoo.

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